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moka pot vs french press

The Moka Pot and French Press Showdown

In the opulent world of coffee, “to each its own” applies.  Since we have different taste buds, coffee preference can not be specified to the dot.  It takes a lot of cups for one to discover which type of coffee gives a more pleasurable, almost-orgasmic sensation at first sip. Let’s breakdown the moka pot vs french press showdown.

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Moka Pot vs French Press

The Moka Pot  and the French Press are 2 unique equipment that produces coffee with its own quality.  We are comparing these two to provide you with the pros and cons of each, depending on your circumstances.  We will not attempt to persuade you to change your taste preferences.

Moka pots are stove top espresso makers famous for a concentrated and creamy coffee.  Coffee is produced by steam pressure. The resultant coffee is espresso-like coffee without the use of electricity or fancy equipment – strong and sharp! 

french press coffee is full-bodied (compared to plain old drip coffee) and is produced by steeping. It is a staple in artisan coffee shops because people who are serious about their coffee prefer its richer taste.

There are a few attributes by which we could compare the two equipment, and these are:

  •  TIME

This refers to coffee prep time and your patience.

Moka pots require that you invest time in heating the water and . Also, do not leave the pot unattended to avoid ending up with bitter coffee. Unlike French press, you can use previously ground coffee thus start to finish only takes 10 minutes. Each batch needs freshly ground coffee beans every time.  Water must be heated separately to under its boiling point.  Steeping and plunging would take 5 miinutes. All three steps need 10-15 minutes.


  • Convenience and specific grind requirement

Standard grind setting works just fine with the stovetop espresso maker.  Therefore, you can use any pre-ground coffee. French press will only use coffee that is ground as coarsely as possible, so you could expect a great brew.  Thus you must have your own grinder.


  •  Ease of brewing

 There is definitely a difference in the brewing methods of the moka pot vs french press

Moka pots require a little skill to be able to achieve optimal extraction which depends on the grind size or tamping.  Both can be tweaked to perfection over time. French press method is almost fool proof.  3 step process yields a more consistent and guaranteed strong brew.


  • Other considerations which may or may not have an impact on your decision to own one: 

Moka Pot French Press

Stainless steel

Materials available

Stainless steel



Between 3 to 12 cups (refers to espresso cups which is about 50 ml)

Sizes available

8 oz

16 oz

23 oz

36 oz

$10 – $70

Price range

$10 – $70


Bottom line

Moka pots are more sophisticated and requires trial and error to achieve your happy cup.  The longer you use it, you will learn how to produce both weaker and stronger brews with the quality of your coffee likened to an espresso.  You are given a degree of freedom to experiment and you may even enjoy the process. 

If you like to be more precise and don’t mind being mundane, the french press is for you.  Coarse ground, almost boiling water and exact amount of steeping time are all you have to master.

The battle between Moka Pot and French Press is not that dramatic, in fact you could have both equipment at home so you could have the best of both worlds. 


7 Gifts that Every Coffee Lover Must Have

Many people drink coffee for energy nowadays, yet some people love it more than others. It’s this appreciation for good coffee that brings people together to chat and exchange ideas over a hot cup. If you have a friend or family member that loves coffee (and we are sure you do), then you will have to surprise him/her with a suitable gift! To make things easier for you, we have prepared seven gift ideas that every coffee lover must have:

7 Gifts that Every Coffee Lover Must Have 1

1. Espresso Lovers Hamper via Carluccio’s

A present from Carluccio’s is unique, exquisite, and scrumptious! Carluccio’s has a wide range of accessories that will please even the pickiest person.
Espresso Lovers Hamper via Carluccio’s accompanies an assortment of items, including Tartufi Al Nero, which are dim chocolate truffles made with hazelnuts (600g), Milano Espresso which is Arabica mixed coffee with a smooth flavor (250g). They also come with Napoli Espresso, which is Neapolitan coffee grounded Arabica beans with a trace of robusta (250g), and Chichi independently wrapped chocolate secured espresso beans (80g).

2. Couples Coffee

It contains Selamlique Hamper with a lot of 2 Selamlique Turkish Coffee cups, Selamlique Chocolate Almond Dragee, and Turkish Coffee.
Is there anything superior tonight for two with animating dialog over Turkish espresso and snacking on chocolate almonds? We don’t think so!

3. Turkish Coffee Twist

Chocolate-covered almonds with a trace of Turkish espresso season. Almonds are superfoods. Cacao has incredible cancer prevention agent benefits – would we be able to call this a Healthy Treat for espresso lovers? It’s a great coffee lover must have to pack in a beautifully wrapped gift, don’t you think?

4. Cups Of Color

Basically, it’s Arabic Coffee Cups in various hues.
These beautiful and customary cups are the perfect extension to any kitchen and a definite must-have for espresso lovers! Offer these to your friends or family members, and they will certainly bless you.

5. Go Above And Beyond

This set contains Truffle 16 pieces, Gold Rigid 24 pieces, Coffee, Pretzel, Sables 18 pieces, three pieces tablets, Mini Royal box any shading. Pink lilies, white hydrangeas, pink tulips, pink roses, white orchids are also inside.

We don’t know we could have fit much else into this group, regardless of whether we attempted! This is, by a wide margin and away, our most noteworthy Bundle and one that offers the highest level of planned notion. If you are looking for an all-inclusive set, don’t skip this one.

6. Mocha Choca Cheesecake by SugarMoo

A couple of wanton soggy chocolate and espresso wipes in the middle of layers of custom made show mousse. This Mocha Choca cake resembles an Oreo cheesecake but is even more delicious! It is canvassed in chocolate mousse and beat with caramelized popcorn.

7. Espresso Is Life

This mighty set includes Selamlique Gift Hamper with Turkish Coffee Machine and Selamlique Delights, Dragees, Delicacies, and Turkish Coffee.

It’s ideal for individuals who figure life is not worth living without a good espresso. This wanton and tasty hamper choice is only the ticket! They can delight in the rich tastes of Turkish espresso and chocolate treats.


These were our top picks when it comes to gifts for coffee lovers, and we guarantee you won’t go wrong by choosing any of them. Compare prices and packages and choose the one that you find to be the best gift!

The Best Pour-Over Coffee Maker – The Winner Is Not Chemex

The Best Pour Over Coffee Maker – The Winner Is Not Chemex

Brewing coffee is an art, yet not everyone has the skills or experience of a barista. This is the reason why coffee makers are “fighting” to create the best tools that help average consumers enjoy excellent coffee every day. In this article, we are going to review the best pour over coffee makers on the market, along with the features that make them unique. 

the best pour over review

Hario V60

Hario V60 represents the horsepower of many coffee shops. It’s more convenient for them as it’s made for single or small orders. It comes in different materials, such as glass, plastic, or ceramic, so that anyone can choose according to budget and preferences. Ceramic is the favorite of most people as it maintains temperature extremely well, and it can be cleaned with ease.

The V60 has a big hole used for filtering, which means that people using it have to use extremely fine coffee for the best results. The angle of pouring is also very good, and the unit is highly portable. This gives the Hario V60 our best pour over in this category, for coffee shops.


The Hario machine might be ideal for cafes, yet homeowners will probably get a much better deal by going with Chemex.

Chemex might be defined as an art piece and its ideal for those who drink coffee every day. It has a simple glass designed that is combined with a wooden handguard, making it so stylish that it could even be up on display in a museum. Actually, the Museum of Modern Art situated in New York, chose to give it a permanent spot in its collection. How awesome is that?

Chemex is ideal for preparing 3 to 12 cups of coffee, yet the smaller versions can be used even for single servings. It might be one of the most expensive pour over coffee makers, yet its design and triple filtration system mean that you will enjoy excellent coffees for many years to come.

Kalita Wave

Kalita Wave was actually designed as an alternative to complicated pour over tools such as the Hario V60. Its features guarantee a consistent cup every time, yet not so much technique is required.

The filter of Kalita Wave is truly notable; it has a wave design that doesn’t let the coffee stick to the edges of the machine. Thanks to this design, coffee will remain hot for a longer period of time, and the contact between water and coffee is even every time.

The tool has a wide base with three smaller holes. As a result, the water flow will be consistent regardless of the situation. Furthermore, the price of Kalita Wave is not as high as the two other machines mentioned above, yet critics still recognize the coffee maker as being top-notch.

There are many coffee enthusiasts who much prefer using a permanent, metallic filter instead of a paper filter. This is because with a metal filter there is absolutely no paper taste found in the coffee cup. It also is generally courser than a paper filter and allows more coffee properties into the cup.

Bodum 11571-01US

Those looking for a convenient alternative to Chemex, for home use, will find a great deal in the form of Bodum 11571-01US. The team behind it tried to make the design more exquisite while integrating different materials.

This coffee maker has a permanent filter made of metal. Many coffee enthusiasts prefer a metal filter since it’s denser and doesn’t leave that “paper taste” that is associated with recyclable filters.

However, there are also disadvantages related to this tool. The first would be that the glass material used in its construction is not the best; it’s rather flimsy and will definitely not last for decades as Chemex. The permanent filter inside is difficult to clean and remove so that users may skip the regular cleaning for this reason.

Bodum 11571-01US was created for people on a budget, and particularly for families. It might not win at every chapter, but it is definitely able to pull off a coffee that tastes well as long as it’s used properly.

Learn more about our top candidates for the best pour over coffee makers: Best Pour-Over Coffee Maker

In conclusion

Reviewing the most popular pour coffee makers on the market, we came up with two winners, namely Chemex for home users and Hario V60 for coffee shops. However, those on a budget or looking for something different can take a look at the models as well, since some of them are really good performers too. 

Coffee 101: Choosing the Right Machine For Your Needs

Taste Buds and Personality Chooses The Perfect Coffee Machine of Your Needs

Every single time you look for a coffee maker, you end up with a list of amazing brands to choose from. They tell you that you should always consider the price, the amount of coffee it can brew, and other fun features you can get from a coffee machine. But the truth is, you only need at least one TYPE of coffee machine that will brew the right taste! Know what you need here!

Simple Manual Pour-Over

We’re beginning with the most basic: the super simple manual pour-over. You may be able to picture this type of machine: a simple plastic cone that can sit on top of a mug. Manual pour-overs allow you to fill a filter with your preferred beans, and then – as the name suggests – pour hot water over the grinds in order to brew great coffee directly into your cup.

Manual pour-overs are great for quickly brewing a single cup. This would be a great choice if you’re brewing coffee for one, and if you don’t mind brewing cups as you need them (as opposed to brewing a whole pot all at once). This type of coffee brewer also works well for bringing on a hike, backpacking or hunting trip. So next time you go on a trip with your spotting scope, binoculars, etc. you should also remember a pour-over!

Automatic Pour-Over

Automatic pour-overs are similarly simple. The finished product is very similar to that of a manual pour-over, but these machines actually automate as much of the process as possible.

If you’d rather not be stuck manually pouring the water over your grounds, but would rather be able to walk away and come back to a finished pot, this is a great option. And if you want to be able to brew more than one cup at a time, an automatic machine is a smart move.

Many of these automatic pour-over machines are similar to our next category – the traditional drip machine – but they differ in some key ways. For example, most automatic pour-over machines actually run a “bloom cycle.” This function mimics the traditional pour-over method of letting the grinds “bloom” with a splash of water before really beginning to pour.

Coffee 101: Choosing the Right Machine For Your Needs

Traditional Drip Machine

Many straightforward drip machines offer features such as programmability and warming. This means that you can set a time for the coffee to begin brewing and wake up to a fresh pot. It also means that you can choose for your finished pot to be kept warm throughout the day.

Be sure to pay attention to details such as filtering, programmability, whether the machine uses a hot plate or an insulated carafe, and the overall capacity.

Espresso Machine

Espresso is no longer exclusive to your trendy local coffee bar. Home espresso machines have seriously grown into their own, and models now offer a solid and reliable way to bring your favorite drinks into your own kitchen.

Many espresso machines also offer a range of automation. Some higher-end models are able to automate almost the entire process – from tamping the espresso puck, to timing the shot and frothing the milk – and this may be useful for those who are too intimidated to jump straight into the world of baristas.

Siphon Machine

This type of coffee brewer actually takes advantage of pressure to brew a perfect pot. These machines heat water in the lower chamber, and the steam pushes liquid up into the top chamber. In the top chamber, water is able to mix with grinds. When the water begins to cool, and when the steam condenses and causes the pressure to change, coffee is drawn back down to the original chamber. Grinds remain up top, and you’re ready to go with a fresh pot.

These machines look great, and they’re enjoyable to watch, but they aren’t just a gimmick. Many users claim to prefer the taste of siphon coffee, and it’s worth exploring. Consider this type of model, especially if you’re looking for a fun way to brew coffee with guests.

Last Thoughts

These five different types of coffee machines can all serve different purposes, so it’s important to think carefully about what you’re interested in. You’re not just making coffee – you’re choosing how to make coffee. After taking a glance at this overview, you’ll be well on your way.