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Now On Kickstarter – GEESAA Customizable Automatic Pour Over Coffee Maker

Pour over coffee brewing and other manual coffee preparation methods gained more and more adepts and popularity. The reason is the great degree of control over all the preparation steps. We have a couple of news reports on pour-over were we praise the barista skills and the dedication they put into their training. This new coffee making device is meant to replace the learning curve, and produce a manual drip that is better than the cup from the local coffee shop. Is the GEESAA going to replace baristas? We’ll see…

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Now On Kickstarter: GEESAA Is The Super Customizable Automatic Brewer

Now On Kickstarter: GEESAA Is The Super Customizable Automatic Brewer

The home automatic coffeemaker has come a long from the days of the Mr. Coffee. No longer just satisfied with letting a machine do much of the morning time heavy lifting, consumers are seeking a product that delivers a cafe-quality product in an easily repeatable fashion. The biggest breakthrough on that front in the past decade or so has been the automatic machine that brews coffee at specialty coffee-approved water temperatures, and there have been quite a few entries into that space (we even featured a brand new one last week).

Even with a glut of products on the market, little headway has been made in the way of brew customization in a home machine. Until now, that is. Known as GEESAA, the new automatic pour-over device gives the user complete control over how their coffee is brewed—water temperature, pour speed, even where the water is poured in the brew bed—and it’s on Kickstarter now.

Created by Taiwanese coffee professionals with a combined 40+ years experience, GEESAA is the product of three years of research and development. Using a placement-adjustable spout and a turntable-like base to rotate the carafe and brewing device, GEESAA mimics the motion of hand-poured coffee to bring the cafe experience to the home. But what really sets GEESAA apart from other automatic brewing devices currently on the market is how customizable it is. Using the smartphone app, GEESAA users can select a water temperature between 75 and 96 C (167-204.8 F), a flow rate between one and eight cc/sec, where on the brew bed the water is poured, how many phases the water is poured in, and the time intervals between those phases up to 120 seconds.

Or if you are just looking to make a good cup of coffee, you can choose from one of your own saved recipes or choose from a list of “barista recipes” available in the app.Now On Kickstarter: GEESAA Is The Super Customizable Automatic Brewer

With a little over four weeks left on the Kickstarter campaign, GEESAA has already surpassed its $25,000 goal, but there are many deep discounts still available for would-be backers. Set to retail at $1,000 USD, the campaign has a few Super Early Bird deals priced at $599. After that, the Early Bird pricing will take effect at $699. GEESAA comes in both 110v and 220v power, and according to the Kickstarter backers can expect to receive their rewards in October 2019.

Zac Cadwalader is the managing editor at Sprudge Media Network and a staff writer based in Dallas. Read more Zac Cadwalader on Sprudge.

If you want to start brewing pour over, the safest route is Chemex. I wrote this Chemex review where I lay down my views on this popular coffee dripper. If you need to brush off your technique, or you need some more information, this tutorial on Pour-over Coffee is one of the best.

Vacuum Cold Brew Gets Attention – BKON’s RAIN Tech Extends Cold Brew Coffee Shelf Life

I almost had an obsession with immersion cold brew alternatives. My favorite alternative to brewing a cup of coffee for 48 hours is vacuum cold brew. I wrote an extensive piece about the various ways to extract cold brew coffee. There are a few ways to speed up cold brew preparation: agitation and vacuum are the ones that are used currently by coffee makers. Out of all the extraction methods though, vacuum is the fastest. This means the brew doesn’t have the time to get contaminated. The other advantage is a better extraction as the brew literally boils at room temperature. That means all the flavors are locked in the beverage as soon as the pressure increases. BKON’s RAIN makes use of this technology for extending the life shelf of canned coffee.

BKON’s RAIN Tech Extends Ready to Drink Cold Brew Coffee Shelf Life By 5,000 Percent

Ready to drink (RTD) cold brew coffee may be on the verge of another boom. BKON, the company behind the commercial sized Storm Brewer, announced that an independent study has confirmed they’ve essentially cracked the code to RTD cold brew coffee freshness.

BKON’s RAIN Tech Extends Ready to Drink Cold Brew Coffee Shelf Life By 5,000 Percent

The study, conducted in partnership with a “leading coffee roaster” and the third-party lab EMSL Analytical Inc., concluded that BKON’s RAIN (Reverse Atmospheric Infusion) technology increased the lifespan of a cold brew coffee product’s apex freshness—the period where the natural flavors are crisp, clear, and nuanced—from 1-2 days to 120+ days.

“The strength of craft coffee is that it’s nuanced and complex when fresh. The problem is, it’s never been scalable in a packaged form,” Lou Vastardis, Founder of BKON, told me yesterday. “We now enable coffee companies to deliver flavor experiences that are equally as compelling on the packaged cold side as they are on the in-house hot side.”

The twelve-month study involved periodic flavor and aroma testing to see when the first major drop-off in quality occurred compared to traditional methods of preserving freshness. The parties found that one SKU remained consistently fresh tasting for 120 days, with another SKU lasting 180 days before the tasty qualities of apex freshness were lost.

I was lucky enough to try cold brew coffee made with RAIN tech at the BKON booth of last month’s Specialty Coffee Expo. Despite being brewed weeks before the expo, it was surprisingly more complex and nuanced than many of the brews I tasted that had been made moments before on the show floor.

Additional tests were conducted simultaneously to check for microbial growth like lactic bacteria, a generally harmless organism that causes RTD cold brew coffee to begin souring 45 days after being made. EMSL’s tests, however, couldn’t detect any of the tested bacteria until 273 days. This technology is much safer than immersion cold brew. You probably remember the canned cold brew disaster, a while ago.

Because of the quality limitations of existing shelf life tech for coffee, brands have historically had to choose either limiting their distribution to reduce shelf time or heat-treating their products, which tends to flatten the flavor experience for the customer. Neither solution helps brands effectively scale the experience of sipping fresh cold brew at a coffee shop.

The tech behind RAIN works by creating a vacuum that sucks out all the gasses from the ingredient structures. Water is then able to flow into those empty spaces, gaining uninhibited access to the ingredient’s natural flavors and aromas. The BKON team can then create complex recipes that manipulate temperature, strength, duration, and frequency of the vacuum cycles to extract precise flavors from the ingredients in a way that’s impossible with low-tech consumer gear. But the major benefit, confirmed by the study, is the flavor security of this method.

Customers will be able to replicate cafe-quality experiences on-the-go, and brands will be able to expand their reach without sacrificing flavor quality or operational inefficiency.

And yet, despite the historical limitations, the RTD cold brew market experienced a 2015-2017 boom, bringing products from innovators like RISE Brewing Co and La Colombe to the shelves of thousands of convenience and grocery stores around the country. Is BKON too late to the cold brew party?

“Nobody misses cafe-level quality when they’re looking at cold brew drinks in the convenience store, because it hasn’t ever been an option in the first place,” Vastardis joked. And he’s probably right: when consumers realize their packaged coffee drink doesn’t have to taste like it was made last month, we’ll likely be in for sweeping product line improvements impacting everything from existing RTD iced brews to up-and-coming CBD-infused coffee drinks.

But Vastardis has his eyes set on more than coffee. BKON plans to adapt its RAIN tech for all types of craft beverages, from teas to spirits to waters.

“When we create a citrus water, for example, we’re using actual parts of a lemon—maybe fermented or dried—and we’re able to create farm-to-bottle waters from natural ingredients (not lab-made flavor additives) that soften the operational burden caused by a short shelf life for beverage companies.”

Keep an eye on your local store’s refrigerated beverage section. If BKON’s tech works as promised, we’re about to enter a golden age of delicious RTD cold brew. You can then buy the stuff to make in an instant your own cold brew and iced coffee.

AeroPress Debuts New Model – AeroPress Go

AeroPress has announced the release of the AeroPress Go, a new model of its signature filter coffee brewing device optimised for portability. The new model is compact, lightweight, and durable, which AeroPress says makes it ideal for coffee lovers who wish to enjoy their favourite brewed coffee while away. The new AeroPress is not yet available on their website, so it’s going to take a while to see it online. In the meantime you can still buy the regular AeroPress an Amazon. I think the regular one is decently portable.

AeroPress has announced the release of the AeroPress Go, a new model of its signature filter coffee brewing device optimised for portability.

The new model is compact, lightweight, and durable, which AeroPress says makes it ideal for coffee lovers who wish to enjoy their favourite brewed coffee while away from their kitchen.

“Coffee lovers need a quick, convenient way to brew excellent coffee so they don’t have to rely on inferior hotel coffee, expensive cafés, or cowboy coffee while they’re away from home,” AeroPress inventor Alan Adler says.

The Go travels self-contained in its mug, making it easy to fit in a suitcase, desk, RV, with camping gear, or on a boat.

“The AeroPress Go gives busy travellers everything they need to conveniently brew superb coffee with a minimum of fuss anywhere they want. And clean up takes just a few seconds,” Adler says.

The company says the new model quickly and easily produces up to 16 ounces of absolutely delicious American-style coffee that is richer, smoother, and lower in acidity than coffee brewed by conventional coffee makers including conventional presses.

AeroPress says the rapid, total immersion brewing process of its devices produce rich flavour without bitterness and high acidity.

“The AeroPress process yields coffee with only one fifth the acid level of ordinary drip brew,” Adler says. “AeroPress brew is not just richer and smoother; it’s also much friendlier to your stomach.”

The AeroPress Go brews in about a minute and takes little maintenance, requiring a quick, light rinse. After brewing, eject the spent coffee into the trash or a compost bin and just rinse the plunger.

Once finished, users can pack the AeroPress Go back into its travel mug and are ready to go.

Coffee Chiller – This Mug Turns Hot Coffee into Iced Coffee Almost Instantly

I love iced coffee. Not necessarily cold brew coffee with ice, though iced cold brew is awesome too. I love an iced coffee made with espresso. Haven’t seen many people sharing this preference of mine, but that’s what I love most. The problem with chilling espresso is that by the time it cools down properly, it starts to oxidize, it changes taste, and loses the oomph. I tried chilling it on the ice, and it is acceptable, but it gets a little too diluted for my taste. What I like to do is to cool it down very fast, the put it in an ice cube tray, and freeze it into coffee ice cubes. This is the best coffee ever. The Zoku coffee chiller is the device I needed to tweak my espresso ice cubes preparation to perfection.

The Zoku Iced Coffee Maker is a coffee chiller, great for chilling any hot brewed coffee into an instant cold beverage that you can add some ice to, and enjoy on a hot day. 

A Coffee Chiller Tumbler – This Mug Saves Me a Lot of Money

Zoku Coffee Chiller TumblerI love getting a great cup of iced coffee at the local coffee shop. There is a magical gesture in this ritual that just makes me feel good. The socializing, the barista, and the whole atmosphere of a coffee shop is just great.


However, I try to keep my visits to the coffee shop in control. Firstly, it can get expensive over time — especially if you like iced coffee as much as I do. Secondly, they don’t make the stuff as I do it, using frozen coffee cubes.

Making a iced coffee at home is a great money-saving solution, and the Zoku Iced Coffee Maker, is the perfect solution to avoid a watered down drink.

This amazing nifty device turns hot coffee into iced coffee in just a few minutes minutes, and my espresso is cooled down immediately.

This insulated chilling coffee mug promises to turn hot coffee into iced coffee in a few minutes without watering down your coffee. I was a bit reluctant when I saw the product initially, because it seemed too good to be true. But I thought that even if it was slightly better than my frozen coffee mug routine, it was still a win for me. I bought one of these tumblers and gave it a try hoping the get my wallet a little break from my barista routine. Here is what I found about the Zoku Iced Coffee Maker and my honest review about it.

At a superficial look, this mug looks like any other travel mug, but the Zoku has some special features that turn it into a barista’s must have device. It has three separate parts: the inner core which is made of stainless steel, the protective sleeve made of regular plastic, (not the greatest quality if you ask but who cares…), and the straw, (made of plastic, I honestly don’t use it). The steel core is what helps you turn hot coffee into iced coffee.

You have to place the inner core into your freezer for about eight hours, or more for best results. When you are ready to brew, take it out of the freezer, slip it into the plastic sleeve, and pour your piping hot coffee into the cup. You don’t have to wait for your coffee to cool before pouring it into the cup, infact, I like to brew my coffee straight into the Zoku. I am able to pour my espresso shots straight into the chilling mug, and I can also make some great manual drip, into this mug. I can’t make a Chemex straight into the cup, but I can pour it right after the brewing is done, and stop the oxidation immediately. I was impressed that my improvised manual drip using a Kone took under six minutes to turn into the cold drink I needed.

If you don’t want to use my method of freezing coffee into cubes, the drink comes out completely chilled and you can add just a few ice cubes, or frozen milk cubes, if that’s “your cup of tea”.

I appreciated that my drink didn’t get watered down from the additional ice, because it was never diluted in the first place. Better yet, the ice didn’t melt as quickly as it would in a plastic cup because the stainless steel inner core of the tumbler kept my drink cold.

Zoku Mugs

If you prefer tea, the Zoku mug can come to your rescue as well. You can chill your chai, or any other tea that you prefer, and add some ice cubes. Add a bit of liquid milk and two or three frozen milk cubes in the mug, and you have you perfect iced chai latte.

If you have a large family that needs iced caffeinated beverages, you probably need more than one coffee chiller tumbler. If you only have one Zoku, you will need to re-freeze the core every time. The problem is that freezing it takes 8 hours or more. The best is to plan ahead, and pop the steel core in the freezer the night before.

Chemex Pour-over Coffee Maker – A Manual Brewing Device the Produces Amazing Flavors

Manual coffee-brewing methods are becoming increasingly popular options in coffee shops and for home baristas. Chemex is one of the most popular and time tested pour-over alternatives, and you should consider switching even if the regular auto drip is more convenient. The ability to control every aspect of the brewing process, create a coffee cup that’s perfectly suited to one’s preferences, and highlight the unique character of the coffee beans has convinced many to make the switch.

Many of us just can’t go a single day without a fresh cup of joe in the morning. Some make their coffee in the classic carafe, some have taken to Keurig’s quick and easy K-Cups, but others like to stick to a more ritualistic and rewarding coffee-making experience. Pour-over […]

The market explosion with various manual brewing devices might look like pour-over coffee is a recent fad. However, the Chemex is one of the devices that has truly withstood the test of time.

What is the Chemex?

Chemex Coffeemaker with brewed coffee

Image by “Fletcher6 [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons”

The Chemex is a manual coffee brewing device that was invented in 1941 and is still widely popular today. Its fame is due not only to the extremely good coffee that it brews, but also to its elegant looks. The apparatus has an hourglass shape, with a bowl-like bottom and funneled top. The classic design features a classy wooden handle around the midsection. A more recent design has a glass handle. The Chemex is one of the few, if not the only, coffee maker to be displayed in New York City’s Museum of Modern Art.

Here are some advantages of the Chemex:

  • The Chemex pour-over coffee maker is one of the most widely recognized pour over coffee makers and can be found in most coffee and kitchen stores.
  • This brewer has a great reputation as both a beautiful kitchen device and a high-quality coffee maker. It is a near-perfect balance of aesthetics and performance.
  • The Chemex Coffeemaker is simple in appearance and in use, but its extraordinary engineering is designed to brew the best cup of coffee possible.
  • This coffee brewer is a beautifully crafted, simple to use, organically shaped vessel made of high-quality borosilicate, a heat-resistant glass that imparts no flavors of its own.
  • The Chemex, when paired with the original Chemex paper filters, makes a perfect beverage that’s clear, pure and flavorful without bitterness or sediment. The coffee only comes in contact with the scientifically designed filter and non-porous glass.
  • With this brewing device, you can make coffee as strong as you like without bitterness. It’s also perfect for making iced coffee drinks, and it does not contain any coffee oils, because of the perfect paper filters.

Chemex Recipe

Here’s how to make a cup with the Chemex:

  1. Ground some coffee beans immediately before brewing coffee.
  2. Use 2 tablespoons medium ground coffee per 5 ounces of water.
  3. Do not ground too fine, otherwise, your brew will pool for minutes over the grounds, and not drip through.
  4. Pour some water on the stove to boil. Once it boils remove it from heat and allow it to cool a bit. The best temperature to brew coffee at is around 200F.
  5. Place a Chemex coffee filter over the brewing carafe, and ensure the thick side of the filter is covering the spout.
  6. Rinse their filter with hot water before using.
  7. Pour your coarsely ground coffee in.
  8. Pour a little water over the grounds to saturate them and wait for about half a minute.
  9. Pour the remaining water over the grounds.
  10. Once the water has made its way through the filter, discard the filter and enjoy!
Chemex pour-over coffee maker

Buy this on Amazon

Where To Buy A Chemex Coffee Maker

I have this 6 cup Chemex but there is an 8 cup, and a 10 cup Chemex option for those with larger families. My favorite is the 3 cup brewer that you can use while at work if your work coffee is bad. Don’t forget to get some coffee filters, too!

Who Should Consider the Chemex?

The Chemex is well-suited for coffee aficionados who understand that coffee is an art and are interested in learning about all aspects of the brewing process. As is the case with all manual pour-overs, brewing coffee with the Chemex takes a few minutes. Thus, it’s not an ideal choice for coffee drinkers who are in a hurry. For people who don’t mind spending some time making coffee, though, the Chemex lets the brewer adjust any part of the brewing process.

The brewing style of the Chemex and its special paper filters produce clean, crisp brews. While any good coffee brewed in the Chemex will produce a decent cup, the coffee maker is especially suited for light and light-medium roasts.

What Else Do You Need? Accessories and IngredientsVolcanica Coffee - Best for Manual Drip

To brew great coffee with the Chemex, you’ll need a few accessories and ingredients.

  • Some great Guatemala Geisha roasted coffee, which is an Ethiopian coffee origin but adapted in Guatemala
  • A scale for weighing, so you can achieve an accurate coffee-to-water ratio
  • a burr grinder, so you can grind your coffee right before brewing
  • a gooseneck kettle, so you’ll have complete control when pouring water
  • Chemex’s bonded filters, which are specially designed for the coffee maker
  • You may also want a thermometer if your gooseneck kettle doesn’t have it
  • A timer, if you don’t want to use a clock

Some people prefer to have a bolder cup, and paper filters for them retain too much of the coffee oils and the micro fines that give the coffee its strength. If this is you, (you love French press coffee), you can adjust your Chemex brewing by using a permanent metallic filter. The best we know is the Kone.

Drop us a line in the comment area if you use a Chemex, or if we inspired you to switch to one. Ask us any question about brewing a pour over cup.

The Best Programmable Coffee Makers You Can Buy

I don’t like programmable coffee machines. When I think that my ground coffee is going to sit in an open space for a minimum of 6 hours, I just can’t use one of these machines. They are very practical, and if all you want from your coffee is a jolt of caffeine, and you don’t care about the taste, then these are for you. Here is what Business Insider considers the best programmable coffee makers on the market.

The best programmable coffee makers you can buy

Insider Picks writes about products and services to help you navigate when shopping online. Insider Inc. receives a commission from our affiliate partners when you buy through our links, but our reporting and recommendations are always independent and objective.The best programmable coffee makers you can buy

Programmable coffee makers remain popular since they can be programmed to brew your coffee in advance.

The best model overall, Cuisinart’s Coffee Plus 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker, takes it a step further with a built-in hot water dispenser for making breakfast at the same time your coffee is brewing. If you’re the type who blearily wanders around the kitchen until you’ve had your first cup of coffee, a programmable coffee maker could be for you. Some machines allow you to program your coffee up to 24 hours in advance, ensuring that a fresh, hot cup of coffee is available as soon as you enter the kitchen in the morning. Heck, some will even grind the beans for you.As with other variants of coffee machines, programmable coffee makers fit all types of budgets and coffee drinkers. You can start with a bare-bones model that lets you program a basic cup, or splurge on a pricier machine that lets you make specialty drinks. Most programmable coffee makers have some sort of display, the most common being an LCD screen. There are generally buttons or dials that let you select the time you wish to program. Many machines also let you choose the desired strength and amount. Many programmable coffee makers on this list can brew up to 12 cups, although some have a capacity of 10 cups or less. You can choose to brew single servings as well.

Aside from programmability, size, and price, certain features can help make the decision easier. If the flavor is crucial, you’ll want to consider the brewing temperature. In general, coffee makers that reach a range of 195 to 205 degrees Fahrenheit deliver the most precise results. Some machines come with a warming plate to keep your beverages hot after brewing, which is particularly helpful if you’re not going to be drinking your coffee right away, or you want the remaining coffee to stay warm.

Impurities in the water, such as chlorine, could also impact the taste of the coffee; machines with carbon block filters work particularly well. However, they generally don’t make a noticeable difference if your water tastes good, to begin with.

Here are the best programmable coffee makers you can buy:

The best programmable coffee maker overallThe best programmable coffee makers you can buy

Why you’ll love it: The Cuisinart Coffee Plus 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker not only makes coffee, but its built-in hot water system also lets you make tea, oatmeal, and more.

You won’t have to fire up the kettle with this Cuisinart programmable coffeemaker, which comes with its own hot water system. The machine can brew coffee and get your favorite tea or snack ready at the same time with hot water on demand. The hot water is ready almost instantly, so all you need to do is press the lever down to dispense it. The hot water system is controlled via a power button and can be used even if you don’t want coffee, or if you’re already done brewing a cup. If you’re wondering how hot the water actually gets, one user measured it with a digital thermometer and found it to be 186 degrees Fahrenheit.

If your day can’t start before you’ve had a cup of coffee, you’ll appreciate this machine’s 24-hour programmability. If you need to sneak a sip or two before the brew cycle is finished, the Brew Pause feature lets you remove the cup or carafe without making a mess. This particular model brews up to 12 cups and has a one-to-four cup setting. A slightly smaller 10-cup model is also available. However, keep in mind that most models this size actually brew cups that are closer to 5 or 6 ounces, rather than the full 8 ounces, according to Consumer Reports.

Its generous array of features combined with an affordable price also helps set this programmable coffee maker apart as a top pick. You’ll find low, medium, and high carafe temperature control settings for optimal results. The machine automatically turns on and shuts off. When it’s time for cleaning, simply use the self-cleaning function. The machine comes with one charcoal water filter and a gold-tone filter to eliminate any impurities that can impact the taste of your coffee or other beverages.

Speaking of taste, it seems the machine works equally well with freshly ground coffee as well as pre-ground coffee. “I have used pre-ground coffee and freshly ground whole bean coffee (using my coffee grinder) with equally great results,” wrote one satisfied customer.

Pros: Separate hot water system, 24-hour programmability, carafe temperature control

Cons: Doesn’t have a backlit display, awkwardly placed water fill container, not the quietest machine

Buy the Cuisinart Coffee Plus 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker (CHW-12) on Amazon for $71.99

The best value programmable coffee makerThe best programmable coffee makers you can buy

Why you’ll love it: From its high brew temperature to delay brew and auto-pause features, the Mr. Coffee Optimal Brew 10-Cup Thermal Coffeemaker is a solid value.

If you’re looking for overall value in a programmable coffee maker, consider this Mr. Coffee model. For starters, it’s equipped with many features you’d expect on a higher-end coffee maker, such as the delay brew function and an auto-pause feature that lets you grab a cup of coffee before brewing is finished. The machine automatically shuts off after two hours, which is a big plus if you’re the forgetful type.

If you can’t get to your coffee right away (or you want it to stay warm for additional cups), you’ll appreciate the double-walled stainless steel carafe. Unlike some models in this price range that come with a glass carafe, the extra insulation in this thermal carafe maintains a warm, but not scalding, temperature. Not only does this keep your coffee from tasting burnt, you also won’t have to rely on a warming plate or a microwave to get your coffee back to a drinkable temperature.

Based on several user comments, the machine is a worthwhile pick for those who like strong coffee. “If you enjoy lethally strong coffee that can bend a spoon, then follow the instructions that came with the coffee maker. I use about half the grounds they recommend using for a normal pot of coffee,” one owner suggested. Another said, “I am measuring my coffee for the first time ever, which makes for more consistent coffee.” The same user suggests the deep filter holder makes it easy to produce coffee that’s stronger than normal.

Whether you like your coffee strong or mild, the brewing temperature also plays a role. This machine brews up to 205 degrees Fahrenheit. According to Black Bear Coffee, the ideal water brewing temperature is between 195 and 205 degrees Fahrenheit, with 205 being the optimal temperature. Anything less than 195 degrees Fahrenheit leads to improper extraction, while temperatures more than 212 degrees Fahrenheit will cause the water to boil and burn the coffee. A built-in water filtration system helps to remove up to 97% of chlorine.

Pros: Delay brew feature, greatly reduces chlorine taste from water, high brewing temperature

Cons: Plastic construction cheapens the appearance, produces a fair amount of steam when brewing, doesn’t have a permanent filter

Buy the Mr. Coffee Optimal Brew 10-Cup Thermal Coffeemaker (BVMC-PSTX95) on Amazon for $54.30 or $59.97 (originally $89.99)

The best grind and brew coffee makerThe best programmable coffee makers you can buy

Why you’ll love it: Not only is the Krups Grind and Brew 10-Cup Coffee Maker fully programmable, you can grind coffee at the same time.

The highlight of the Krups Grind and Brew 10-Cup Coffee Maker is its built-in grinder. Whether you’re a bit short on space or you simply prefer the convenience, having a built-in grinder lets you grind fresh coffee, and then brew it — all within one machine.

The conical burr grinder has five settings, so you can choose between coarse and fine grounds, and anywhere in-between. According to The New York Times, a good quality burr grinder cuts beans into evenly sized particles, as opposed to powder or chunks. You can adjust the settings on this machine according to the type of bean you’re using as well as your desired drink.

As far as built-in grinders go, this one stands out for its versatility. Many espresso drinkers find they can get the grind down to a fine powder that works well enough for homemade espressos. One user commented: “The blades are sharp and very low in the grinder, allowing this unit to pick up and pulverize any stray beans,” adding that it typically takes less than a minute to grind the beans. Another said it takes approximately 10 to 12 seconds to grind up beans to espresso consistency. Several owners mention that cleaning the storage container can be a bit of a chore. Using a smaller brush can help reach into tight spaces for easier cleaning.

If you’re looking for user-friendly features to help make your mornings easier, you’ll appreciate the straightforward controls on the Krups Grind and Brew. For starters, you can push a button to select anywhere from 2 to 10 cups. An auto-on feature allows you to program the machine to start at a time that’s most convenient for you. One user commented on the overall user-friendly nature of the coffee machine, saying that after adding beans to the grinder, “you just add the water for the number of cups you need, select the cups needed, and the coffee pot does the work for you.” Then, the machine will “automatically take the correct amount of beans to grind depending on how many cups you want and at the strength you choose.”

Pros: Built-in burr grinder, auto-start function, three brew strength settings

Cons: Grounds can get stuck on the container walls, carafe lid prone to opening when pouring, can get loud when grinding coffee

Buy the Krups Grind and Brew 10-Cup Coffee Maker (KM785D50) on Amazon for $124.25

Read the rest of the review at

Next Generation of the Moka Pot – Stovetop Espresso Maker at 9 Bar

The ‘9Barista’ stovetop espresso maker is an upgrade to your regular Moka pot. It does differ from the Moka pot in many ways, and I only mentioned it because it has the same principle, it creates pressure with steam. The main two differences are that 9Barista has a brewing pressure of 9 bar, compared to the Moka pot about 1 bar, and the water temperature at the brewing time is regulated at  93ºC, so coffee doesn’t get burned, (overextracted). You can read more about this project at Kickstarter. And if the price of this stovetop espresso maker makes you cringe, take a look at this Moka pot brewing guide that teaches you how to avoid over-extraction when brewing stovetop espresso.

Jet-Engineered Espresso MakersJet-Engineered Espresso Makers

The ‘9Barista’ stovetop espresso maker is a premium kitchen device for consumers who are looking for a way to create premium coffee from their home without the need for a high-end appliance.

The espresso maker features a jet-engineered design that promises professional espresso shots using your own fresh grounds instead of using pods as some small coffee makers use. The solid brass design is free of moving parts and electronics to ensure it’s ready to last a lifetime instead of breaking down or becoming obsolete in the near future.

The ‘9Barista’ stovetop espresso maker is manufactured in Britain and is a more eco-friendly option for consumers to use because of the lack of single-use filters or pods.

Barista9’s creator talks about his creation:

It’s based on a completely new principle; the twin-boiler system, where the first boiler creates the high pressures needed for making espresso (9 bar), and the second boiler regulates the brew temperature to 93ºC.

This unique system allows the machine to produce incredibly accurate pressures and temperatures which ensure the ideal extraction for the perfect espresso. One of the great things about this new system is that it has no moving parts (apart from a spring) and no electronics – which makes it inherently simple and reliable.

Self-Heating Coffee Mug – Brew System on Kickstarter [Turkish Coffee made Easy?]

When I saw this product, all I thought was: “Wow, so I don’t have to make Turkish coffee in the microwave oven.” Yeah, the technology is pretty cool,  you get a self-heating mug that gets it energy from a wireless charger base. The mug generates heat via the inlaid metallic particles. I will get one for myself. This way I can stop making Turkish coffee in the microwave.

Self-warming coffee mug + brew system + wireless charger hits KickstarterSelf-warming coffee mug + brew system + wireless charger hits Kickstarter

Coffee… if you work in tech, chances are you like a nice hot cup of brew in the morning… or afternoon… or evening… However, if you’re like me, chances are you get a few sips and before you know it your cup of joe is lukewarm, or worse, cold. While you can get a thermal mug or other options that can keep your coffee or tea warmer longer TWINZ studio thinks they have the solution: an all-in-one self-warming coffee mug brew system with wireless charger.

The KOPI Mug is a smart, all-in-one self-warming mug + brew system. Made from super durable ceramic, KOPI’s base is inlaid with metallic particles that respond to an electric charge. When KOPI is placed on its wireless (waterproof) charging pad, the particles react via electromagnetic energy and heat your beverage to the perfect sipping temp. Plus KOPI uses wireless Qi technology, so it can juice up all your smart devices with wireless charging capabilities!

Not only does the KOPI Mug keep your coffee warm with its wireless charging pad but when not in use with the mug, you can use it to wirelessly charge your phone. As for your hot beverage? KOPI Mug will keep your drink at a steady 130°F/54°C and includes a lid to help ensure maximized warmth. During testing, in a 68°F/20°C room, the mug can keep your drink at or above 130°F/54°C for an hour-and-a-half with the lid, 30 minutes without. On that note, even without the lid, your drink will stay at or above 122°F/50°C for 90 minutes or longer.

KOPI Mug starts at US$60 for the Early Bird reward which includes the wireless charger. After those are gone, the price goes up to $72. There are also various combos available which include different combinations of:

  • KOPI Self-Warming Mug, Wireless Charger
  • Titanium Coated Coffee Filter
  • Titanium Coated Tea Filter
  • Glass Measuring Pitcher
  • Titanium Scoop
  • Titanium Stir Stick
  • Ceramic Coated Canister – Small
  • Ceramic Coated Canister – Large

USB Power Adaptor & USB Type C Cable

TWINZ studio is hoping to raise $30,000 during their campaign with shipping anticipated in August. As with any crowdfunding campaign, there is a risk supporting them. We’ve recently heard about several that we’ve written about that have failed or are having issues. Our reporting on Kickstarter campaigns does not mean we support or are affiliated with them. Support at your own risk.

5 Affordable Products that Can Save You Thousands of Dollars

I normally don’t look to save on coffee and coffee making equipment, because if you try to save too much it will come at an expense: my coffee taste. However, these coffee saving tips are pretty sweet and I approve of them. No, I am not that snob, I will still take a black Friday deal.

5 affordable products that save me thousands of dollars on coffee a year5 affordable products that save me thousands of dollars on coffee a year

  • I haven’t bought coffee in years, not because I stopped drinking it but because I started making my own.
  • I’ve saved thousands on coffee over the years with these five items — a cold brew maker, a traditional coffee machine, reusable filters, a stovetop espresso maker, and a milk frother.

They’re all super easy to use, well-reviewed on Amazon, and the results are probably better than what you’d get at your usual coffee spot. When it comes to coffee, I’m a purist. I’m brand agnostic and will always take my cup black without any sugar or milk. That’s why I hate paying for such an easy order knowing that I can brew my own (and usually better) at home. In fact, excluding business meetings or vacation where I can’t BYO, I don’t think I’ve bought coffee in a few years.

Here’s how I save thousands of dollars on coffee by making my own.

Takeya cold brew maker5 affordable products that save me thousands of dollars on coffee a year

Cold brew is basically a coffee concentrate made by steeping beans in cold water for at least 12 hours. Because it takes a lot of time and beans to develop, it also costs more than regular coffee. But for the price of three cups at your usual coffee joint, you can get this cult-favorite Takeya cold brew carafe and make your own forever.

It’s made of incredibly durable, shatter-proof, and BPA-free Tritan plastic with a fine mesh filter that screws into the airtight lid. There are a 1-quart and 2-quart size; I have the 1-quart carafe and it fits perfectly in the refrigerator door. To use, just dump coarsely ground coffee into the filter (it says 14-16 tablespoons but I just fill up most of the filter), add cold water, and let it sit for up to 36 hours in the refrigerator. Whenever you’re ready to take it out, you’ll have a coffee concentrate that’s stronger than normal coffee and less acidic too. Cut it with water, ice cubes, or milk, and live your best-caffeinated life.

Curator’s note: I absolutely love the Takeya cold brew coffee maker, but it’s an immersion cold brew device and as such, it takes at least over-night to make a few cups. I love the taste of immersion cold brew, but 12 hours is way too long for me, and I am not that good at planning. If you are like me, you probably want to check this article about the best cold brew coffee makers. There are three fast cold brew coffee machines, with brewing times between 15 to 45 minutes.


Keurig machine

When I’m not in the mood for cold brew, I’ll make a cup of basic hot coffee. My fiancé surprised me with a Keurig machine a few years ago and it’s honestly one of the best gifts ever.

We have the older K-Classic that takes up a lot of counter space, but it has a large 6-cup water reservoir so we can brew several cups before needing to refill. The newer ones are much more compact but also have a much smaller reservoir.5 affordable products that save me thousands of dollars on coffee a year

Using the machine is the same no matter which style you have. Fill the reservoir with water, add in the coffee pod of your choice, and brew one of three available sizes. You can also use it for hot water if you don’t add in a pod. At first, we made coffee with the single-use K-cup pods because they came with the machine as part of a combo deal, but once we realized how bad they were for the environment, we bought reusable filters that fit our machine along with our own beans. In fact, our current coffee of choice is an 1820 medium roast that we brought home from Costa Rica that you can actually get from Amazon.

Reusable K-cup filters5 affordable products that save me thousands of dollars on coffee a year

Speaking of reusable filters, these are the ones that I’ve been using for years. They fit all Keurig-brand machines so there aren’t any guessing games when it comes to compatibility and they’re easy to use and clean. Just pour your ground beans up to one of two fill lines in the filter, lock it back into the plastic canister, and brew. Once you’re done, just rinse the grounds out of the filter. (Side beauty hack: Sometimes I’ll use the grounds as a quick hand scrub!)

Eight O’Clock Coffee, 100% Colombian Ground, 33-Ounce Bag

Eight O’Clock Coffee, 100% Colombian Ground, 33-Ounce Bag

Eight O'Clock Coffee

  • Finest blend of award winning 100% Colombian coffee beans
  • Sold in a 33-ounce bag
  • Tastes great every time you brew because it has a century and a half of expertise into every bag
  • Enjoy this medium roast with a lingering sweet finish
  • Today Eight O?Clock is America?s best-selling whole bean coffee

Eight O’Clock Coffee: A century and a half of expertise in every bag. Every time you brew a pot of Eight O’Clock Coffee you expect it to be great. And you are not disappointed – because we put a century and a half of expertise into every bag.Eight O’Clock 100% Colombian ground coffee is the finest blend of award winning 100% Colombian coffee beans–medium roast with a lingering sweet finish. So rich and full-bodied, you will understand why Arabica beans from Columbia are so sought after.