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What Is an Americano Coffee and How to Make It at Home


Americano, Long Black, Caffe Crema… all have one thing in common: they are diluted versions of an espresso. People that like espresso taste but find it too strong for their palate or their stomach wanted a ligher version of it. Coffee Brewing Methods helps us understand what is the difference between these drinks, and teaches us how to brew them.

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What Is an Americano Coffee and How to Make It at Home 1

 A well made Americano will also have crema. This is again possible due to the high pressure, which forces the oils in the coffee bean into the drink.

The crema in Espresso coffee is something that coffee aficionados swear by. It serves as a barrier against the outside elements and preserves the taste of the coffee for longer. When it comes into contact with the air this crema starts to dissipate. Therefore, Americano coffee should be drunk quickly.

The slower filter brewing process causes the coffee produced to have a lighter, more tea like texture.

The caffeine content in Americano and Filter coffee is quite similar and isn’t worth getting worked up about.

Long Black vs Americano – Which One Is Better

Some of you may or not have heard of a Long Black so first thing’s first, I’ll explain quickly. If you heard of it and you aren’t sure if Americano coffee is better than a Long black, you’ll find your answer here.

What is a Long Black?

A Long Black is very similar to an Americano with a few subtle differences. It is also made by adding hot water to Espresso.

There are two main differences. Firstly, the hot water is added before the Espresso. This preserves the crema from the Espresso. The second difference is that there is generally less water in a Long Black.

The Long Black is the standard, Espresso based black coffee in New Zealand and Australia but it is growing in popularity the world over.

The Long Black also has its origins in Italy. The story here is that Italian baristas created the Long Black when American tourists kept asking for a ‘longer black coffee’. This was as opposed to the ‘Short Black’ (Espresso).

In reality, the Americano and the Long Black were likely the same drink at the start that morphed over time and became two different drinks associated with different cultures.

Which is Better Long Black or Americano?

As usual with coffee, there is no right answer here – it comes down to preference. If you prefer more coffee in your cup, and a drink that isn’t as strong then the Americano is for you. If you like a stronger coffee that doesn’t take too long to drink, but is still more than an Espresso, give the Long Black a try!

Personally, I am a big fan of the Long Black. I generally like drinking Espresso. However, when you are meeting someone for coffee, you want a brew that is going to last a little bit longer. In this instance, a Long Black is great. I also like that the crema lasts longer with a Long Black.