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moka pot vs french press

The Moka Pot and French Press Showdown

In the opulent world of coffee, “to each its own” applies.  Since we have different taste buds, coffee preference can not be specified to the dot.  It takes a lot of cups for one to discover which type of coffee gives a more pleasurable, almost-orgasmic sensation at first sip. Let’s breakdown the moka pot vs french press showdown.

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Moka Pot vs French Press

The Moka Pot  and the French Press are 2 unique equipment that produces coffee with its own quality.  We are comparing these two to provide you with the pros and cons of each, depending on your circumstances.  We will not attempt to persuade you to change your taste preferences.

Moka pots are stove top espresso makers famous for a concentrated and creamy coffee.  Coffee is produced by steam pressure. The resultant coffee is espresso-like coffee without the use of electricity or fancy equipment – strong and sharp! 

french press coffee is full-bodied (compared to plain old drip coffee) and is produced by steeping. It is a staple in artisan coffee shops because people who are serious about their coffee prefer its richer taste.

There are a few attributes by which we could compare the two equipment, and these are:

  •  TIME

This refers to coffee prep time and your patience.

Moka pots require that you invest time in heating the water and . Also, do not leave the pot unattended to avoid ending up with bitter coffee. Unlike French press, you can use previously ground coffee thus start to finish only takes 10 minutes. Each batch needs freshly ground coffee beans every time.  Water must be heated separately to under its boiling point.  Steeping and plunging would take 5 miinutes. All three steps need 10-15 minutes.


  • Convenience and specific grind requirement

Standard grind setting works just fine with the stovetop espresso maker.  Therefore, you can use any pre-ground coffee. French press will only use coffee that is ground as coarsely as possible, so you could expect a great brew.  Thus you must have your own grinder.


  •  Ease of brewing

 There is definitely a difference in the brewing methods of the moka pot vs french press

Moka pots require a little skill to be able to achieve optimal extraction which depends on the grind size or tamping.  Both can be tweaked to perfection over time. French press method is almost fool proof.  3 step process yields a more consistent and guaranteed strong brew.


  • Other considerations which may or may not have an impact on your decision to own one: 

Moka Pot French Press

Stainless steel

Materials available

Stainless steel



Between 3 to 12 cups (refers to espresso cups which is about 50 ml)

Sizes available

8 oz

16 oz

23 oz

36 oz

$10 – $70

Price range

$10 – $70


Bottom line

Moka pots are more sophisticated and requires trial and error to achieve your happy cup.  The longer you use it, you will learn how to produce both weaker and stronger brews with the quality of your coffee likened to an espresso.  You are given a degree of freedom to experiment and you may even enjoy the process. 

If you like to be more precise and don’t mind being mundane, the french press is for you.  Coarse ground, almost boiling water and exact amount of steeping time are all you have to master.

The battle between Moka Pot and French Press is not that dramatic, in fact you could have both equipment at home so you could have the best of both worlds.