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Coffee Farm in the Continental US – How Did this California Farmer Do It?

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April 6, 2019

If you are a coffee lover, you most likely know that coffee grows on the “coffee belt“, a a geographical region between the tropics. There is no coffee growing anywhere in the world, outside of the coffee belt. Or at least there wasn’t until recently. Jay Ruskey, founder of California-based “Frinj Coffee“, is growing the first coffee ever produced in the continental U.S. Will he acclimatise coffee to grow in Canada as well? Hard to believe, but I still hope that sometime I will be able to grow myself some yellow Bourbon here in Ottawa.

Coffee isn’t grown in the continental U.S., so how did this California farmer do it?

Map of the Bean Belt

Frinj coffee is on a mission to make Southern California the next specialty coffee capital of the world.

The company is the result of years of experimentation by Jay Ruskey on farmland in Santa Barbara County. He’s been called the father of California coffee and that’s because he’s learned to produce the first coffee successfully grown in the continental U.S.

And now he’s spreading that knowledge by helping farmers in Southern California start producing coffee with his method of inter-planting avocados and coffee. That includes several farms here in San Diego County.

Coffee isn’t grown in the continental U.S., so how did this California farmer do it?

Ruskey spoke to The San Diego Union-Tribune’s “The Conversation” podcast about how he got started in the coffee business, what it takes to grow this new industry in California and how locally grown coffee can make it to a cup near you.


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